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Through Baerz & Co, 35 exclusive real estate agents join forces in an unparalleled way.

Baerz & Co has the largest selection of apartments, houses and villas in the luxury segment of premium real estate agents. They offer total relief in the buying and selling process.


3virgule14  is the absolute certainty of collaborating with the best partners in publishing and digital.


Matterport is the technology we are using to provide, store and share a unique 3D experience for your property.


Since 2018 we are pleased to be officially part of the Matterport Service Partner (MSP) Program. 


An Awayin home video shows the atmosphere of your home.
You can present your knowledge about an object in a visual way. The description of a house comes to life for the potential buyer. 


With an undisputed  reputation and recognition,Thierry Russo-Delattre is a pionner in high-end Real estate photography and Matterport technology.

SOLID normal.jpg

SOLID is a production company located in Rotterdam, they specialize in online real estate content and can help you with cinematic videos, photography, virtual tours and aerial recordings.


Get more out of your rental for less with Reallo

With their smart service they help you save time and money by finding high quality tenants faster. All you have to do is sit back !


We are very proud to collaborate with Excellent Magazine, Wonen & Leven, delivering photos for their outstanding articles. Don't miss their latest edition for true interiors design inspiration...and more!

Working with FIM is the assurance for us to work with the best partner for accurate house measurements and NEN2580 reports.

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